Infant Care product series


YP-90A Series Infant Incubator

incuba4.jpg (9735 bytes)----YP-90A: Standard type. The temperature of air/skin are two controlling methods respectively by micro-computer. There are five functions of alarm and can display the reason of failures. The infant bed can be inclined stepless. The base is cabinet type.

----YP-90A1: The temp-controller can display real-temp, auxiliary-temp, preset-temp on different display windows. Six kinds of failure alarms.

----YP-90A2: Double-layer hood and fixing frame.

----YP-90A3: is based on YP-90A1, adding oxygen density control and display function, four display windows. Can delivery oxygen to baby chamber directly through oxygen connector. The oxygen density monitor can continuously survey the delivery status. Adds alarm of oxygen concentration deviation: ±4%O2

----YP-90A4: is based on YP-90A1, adding display the incubator's inner humidity. With four display windows.

----YP-90A5: has all functions of YP-90A3, YP-90A4. Five different windows can display set-temp, real-temp, auxiliary-temp, humidity, oxygen density at the same time.

----YP-90A6: is based on YP-90A4, adding humidity control function, equipped with ultrasonic humidity-enhancing controller between 20-85%RH. Adds alarm of humidity deviation: ±8%RH.and   water lacking.

----YP-90A7: has all functions of YP-90A3, YP-90A6. The five windows can display set-temp, real-temp, auxiliary-temp, humidity, oxygen concentration. Has nine kinds of self-check failure alarms.

----GYP-90B: Based on YP90A, adding a set of phototherapy unit, and a timer, which can time 99,999 hour continuously.

incuba10.JPG (9212 bytes)YP930 Infant Incubator


Temperatures of are controlled by micro-computer automatically. Double- layer hood ensures constant temperature. The inside temperature will remain constant by auto-heating of air curtain when the door open. Quiet Operating window. Self-inspect of failures. The preset temperature and real temperature can be displayed separately on screen. Range of preset temperature: 37-39°C. The bed can be adjusted stepless from 0-8°.



incuba5.jpg (9296 bytes)YP-900 Transport Infant Incubator

Main technical description:

Micro-computer control
Powered  by both AC and DC
Skin temp: 34---37°C Air temp: 25---37°C
Provided with oxygen-supply system and illumination.
Foldable stands
With two digital displaying windows: Air temp, Skin temp.


incuba1.jpg (4679 bytes)XHZ-90 Neonate Jaundice Therapeutic Apparatus


Blue light radiate. The radiate head is rotary at 0° , 30° , 60° . Its stand can be lifted or lowered. It adopts the high-grade electronic ballast. This apparatus can be used with any incubator, rescue table, and infant bed.





wpe2.jpg (6621 bytes)HKN-93A Neonate Warmer (Rescue Bed)

It uses the explodeproof micro-crystal quartz far-infrared tube as radiation heat source; Can automatically or manually adjust the heating power(0-100%). The set-temperature and real temperature can be  displayed separately. Inclination can be adjusted stepless(±15°C). Radioactive head is rotary (0°,30°,60°)in two directions. The X-ray cassette frame is set under the bed; Alarms of sensor failure, ±2°C deviation, over-temperature and electricity failure.

Accessories: low pressure aspirator, APGAR evaluation timer, infant breath resuscitation bag, the phototherapy apparatus to therapy neonate jaundice, infusion stand, two 6.3 L oxygen cylinders made of aluminum alloy, flowmeter, oxygen inhaler.


wpe3.jpg (4509 bytes)HKN-93B Neonate Warmer (Rescue Bed)

Based on HKN-93A, adding two sets of Jaundice therapy (white light), but without above accessories.

HKN-9010 Infant Warmer (rescue bed)

The preset and real temperature can be displayed separately. Far infrared quartzose heating tube. The obliquity of bed and radiating head are adjustable.

HKN-90(AP) Neonate Warmer (Rescue Bed)

Economic type. The temperature is controlled by the micro-computer. Cold light illumination. Attaches a APGAR timer, which can remind you the caring time. Can control the skin temperature. Far-infrared irradiation. Three kinds of alarms. Bed can be adjusted.


incuba6.jpg (6557 bytes)

YZ-Series Infant Non-contact Oxygen Hood

Non-contact, high transparent, the proportion of air and oxygen can be adjusted. Three sizes:13cm,16cm,20cm

HF-Series Breath Resuscitation Bag

Tidal Volume: HF-I (for infant): 150ml(infant's simulating lungs)

HF-II (for 2-7 years child): 250ml(infant's simulating lungs)

Output pressure: 4Kpa(40cmH2O)

Manual Ventilatory: 20-120times/min automatically control according to clinical needs

Fittings: No.1 Mark (for neonate), No.2Mark(for infant),
No.3 Mark (for 2-7 years child)

incuba7.jpg (5565 bytes)
incuba9.JPG (7899 bytes) incuba8.JPG (7263 bytes)
S-1 Low Pressure Aspirator 


Negative pressure: 0-22Kpa(0-165mmHg)
Out power: 8VA
Suction bottles: 500 ml
Alarms when the bottle is full

S-2 Low Pressure Aspirator

Negative pressure: 0-22Kpa(0-165mmHg)
Out power: 12VA
Suction bottles: 1000 ml


B-1000/2000/3000 series infant incubator

The infant incubator synthesizing various advanced technologies, including medicine, mechanism, computer automatic control and sensor etc. provides an air-cleaned environment with appropriate temperature and humidity, which is similar to the uterus for sick infant and premature. The air temperature can be adjusted according to doctor’s direction. Infant temperature, air temperature and humidity can be easily watched on the displays with audible and visible alarms for abnormal conditions (the alarm identification including power-off, fan, sensor, over air-temperature, over skin-temperature, air-temp set point deviation ±1.0ºC and skin temperature point deviation ±1.0ºC, etc) which guarantees high security and reliability.

Main difference between B-1000, B-2000, B-3000

Two separate displaying screens for the set and real air temperature

B-2000Three separate displaying screens for set temperature, Infant temperature and air temperature

B-3000Four separate displaying screens for set temperature, Infant temperature, air temperature and humidity.


Model B-3000                                         Model B-3000G

B-1000G, B-2000G, B-3000G series:

Based on B-1000, B-2000, B-3000 series, added a set of Jaundice Phototherapy unit, including LED display timer). 

Model B-3000

Technical Specifications:

1.        Power Requirement: 220V±10% / 50Hz±2%

2.        Input power: 500VA

3.        Environment Temperature: 20ºC~30ºC

4.        Temperature Control Range:

4.1     air-control: 25ºC~37ºC  37ºC~39ºC

5.        Temperature fluctuation: 0.5ºC

6.        Average Mattress Temperature: 1.0ºC

7.        Air-temp control accuracy: ≤±0.5ºC

8.        Temperature rise Time: 45 min

9.        Noise level: 55dB

10.    Alarm identification: both audible and visible with real time temperature display and power-off.

10.1   over air-temp: 25ºC~37ºC  38ºC

         37ºC~39ºC  40ºC

10.2    deviation alarm: air-temp tracking set point +1.5ºC –2.5ºC

10.3    sensor failure alarm

10.4    power failure alarm

10.5   fan failure alarm

11.    Chassis to ground leakage current: 0.5mA

12.    High voltage test: 1500V/50Hz, lasts one minute and no breakthrough and flash phenomenon.

13.    Environment requirements:

13.1 for storage and transportation:

ambient temperature: -40ºC~+70ºC

relative humidity: 80%

13.2 for operation:

a.  ambient temperature: 20ºC~30ºC

b.  relative humidity: 30%~75%


B-800 infant incubator

Technical Specifications:

       1.  Input power: 400VA

       2.  Temperature Control Range: air-control 20ºC~37ºC

       3.  Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5ºC

       4.  Average Mattress Temperature: 1.0ºC

       5.  Air-temp control accuracy: ≤±0.8ºC

       6.  Temperature rising Time: 35 min

       7. Alarm functions: both audible and visible with real time temperature display and power-off.

      7.1      over air-temp: 20ºC~37ºC  38ºC (cuts off the power of heater, and alarms)                

      7.2      deviation alarm: air-temp tracking the set point +1.5ºC –2.5ºC (when +1.5ºC, cuts off the power of heater, and alarms)

      7.3     sensor failure alarm

      7.4     power failure alarm, the working mode and controlled temperature won’t change within 20 minutes.

      7.5     fan failure alarm (cuts off the power of heater, and alarms)

       8. Two operation windows

       9. Self-testing function

Infant Radiant Warmer model BNT-2000


- Heat source is anti-blast infrared-tube made of micro crystal quartz;

- Continuously variable mattress tilt;

- Radiant head can rotate in two-direction horizontal;

- X-ray cassette shelf under infant bed;

- High-bright eradiate lamp detect lightness;

- Advanced microprocessor control temperature system;

- 3 heat modes: pre-heated, auto-heated and manual-heated;

- Separately display set temperature and real temperature;

- 4 sound-light alarm capacity;

- With APGAR timer


Power requirement

~220V/110V  50Hz/60Hz

Power rate


Temperature Control Range


Measure Temp Accuracy


Mattress Temperature Uniformity


Environment Temp


Far-infrared wavelength


Adjust Angle of Mattress

±15º Adjust Steplessly

Adjust Angle of Radiator

0~90ºC Adjust in two side

Temperature rise time



Single-side Phototherapy (blue light); electronic ballast; LED display timer; lifting mobile pedestal (B-100A has no timer)



Single-side Phototherapy (blue light); electronic ballast; LED display timer; elegant profile, being put on the top matching with carious models of infant incubator; (B-200A has no timer)

B-series Infant Phototherapy Unit:




Wavelength (blue light)

425-475nm(relative radiation30%)



Timer Range

0-999h   59min

Timer Accuracy


Angle of light tube (horizontal direction)


Scope of light tube