Ophthalmic Equipment

YZ5F1 & YZ5F Slit Lamp Microscope

This instrument is used for anterior eyeball diagnosis and can be equipped with accessory of teaching tube, photograph and CCD (model YZ-5F1 only). The first-rate optic system improve the depth of field and make the inspection more easily. The standard design can be compatible with various accessories of international standard. Five magnification are changeable by turning knob.


Type: parallel
Eyepiece:10x; 16X
Total Magnification:6X; 10X; 16X; 25X; 40X
Diameter of Visual Field: ø 15mm; ø 10mm; ø 6mm
Diopter Adjustment: 10X eyepiece: 6D; 16X eyepiece: 15D


Slit Height: 1mm~8mm continuously adjustable
Slit Width: 0mm~9mm continuously adjustable
Aperture Diameter: ø 9, ø 8, ø 5, ø 3, ø 2, ø 0.2mm
Slit Angle: 0 ~180
Slit Inclination: 0 ~23
Magnification: 2 / 3X
Filter: heat absorption, grey, redfree, cobalt blue

Power Source

Input Voltage:110V 220V 10 60/50Hz
Input Power: 58VA
Illumination Bulb: 12V30W halogen bulb
Fixation Bulb: red LED

YZ-5E series Slit Lamp Microscope

YZ-5E YZ-5E1 = YZ-5E+ photography system and flash power supply YZ-5E2 = YZ-5E1+teaching tube


Eyepiece: 10X;16X
Diopter: 10x eyepiece 6D
Slit Width: 0mm~9mm continuously adjustable
Slit Height: 1mm~8mm continuously adjustable
Aperture Diameter: 9;8;5;3;2;0.2mm
Slit Angle: 0 ~180
Slit Inclination: 0 ~23
Filter: Heat absorption, Grey, redfree, Cobalt blue
Visual Field Diameter: 15;10;6
Illumination Bulb: 12V,50W Halogen bulb
Input Voltage: 110V/220V 60/50Hz
Power: 58V


This instrument is mainly used to measure the diopter and the radius of the anterior corneal.

Technical Data:
wpe3.jpg (4788 bytes) Size of Javal targets: 18X24mm
Distance between targets and eye: 175mm approx
Scale ratio of the objective with compensation Optics in air: 1.2X
Eyepiece magnification: 15X Mains supply of the transformer: 220V
Operating Voltage: 12V
Halogen lamps for the measuring head: 2X6V/20W(in series connection)

Measuring range:
Radius of curvature: 5.5...11mm
Refractive power of the cornea: 30...60dpt

Readings: Radius 0.02mm
Refractive power: 0.25dpt
Refractive index n used for compensation: 1.3375
Minimum surface required for measurement:
at 5.5mm 1.65mm;    at 7.5mm 2.3mm ;    at 11mm 4.00mm
Maximum vertical displacement of the instrument: 30mm

Yz-22.jpg (7628 bytes)YZ-22 Arc Peremeter

YZ-22 Arc Peremeter is an instrument inspecting the peripheral visual field of eye. Suitable for diagnosis of retinal disease and disease of visual path.


1. Diameter of light target: Ø10, Ø5, Ø3, Ø2, Ø1.
2. Color of light target: red, green, blue
3. Radius of arc: 333mm
4. Length of arc: 100 , A line mark every 5 ,A digit mark every 10 .
5. Rotation of arc: 90 , A location pin every 30 .
6. Movement of chin rest: Leftward or rightward is 80mm,
                                         Forward or backward 38mm,
                                         Upward or downward 60mm
7. Light source: 6V, 30W bulb, Power 220V, 50Hz

Yz11.jpg (2738 bytes)

YZ11 Ophthalmoscope

Two batteries are used as light source.

wpe6.jpg (2280 bytes)



Illumination Form: big spot, small spot, slit, central network, red-free

Diopter Compensation: 0,1,2,3,5, 8,10,-12,15(D)

Illumination and Power: 2.5V 1.6W halogen bulb, two AA size rechargeable batteries

Yz11d.jpg (5423 bytes)

YZ-11D Rechargeable Ophthalmoscope

Illumination source: 3.5V, 2.8W mini halogen bulb
Rechargeable unit input voltage: 220V10%V
Input power: 8VA
Diopter compensation: 0,1,2,3,4, 5, 6, 8,10,-12,16, 20, -25(D)
Illumination form: big spot, small spot, slit, central network, red-free

Yz24.jpg (5512 bytes)

YZ24 Streak Retinoscope

This instrument is used for determination of the axis location of astigmastism and wrong dioptry.

Yz-6e.jpg (5641 bytes)YZ-6E Ophthalmoscope

This instrument is equipped with rotable dioptric lens disc providing 23 different degrees, and diagram disc(if rotating it, the light will form 5 different illumination spots in turn: big, small, red-free, central network dark spot and regular slit. It's perfect for various kinds of examinations.

wpe5.jpg (4154 bytes)YZ25A Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope

The halogen lamp brings even and bright light with stepless adjustable intensity. Made by high quality engineering plastic with good design, compact in structure and light in weight. Equipped with accessories including filters, teaching mirror and scleral depressor.

Yz-7a.jpg (4942 bytes)YZ 7A Tonometer

It measures the intraocular tension by registering the depth of indentation production produced in the cornea by a plunger carrying a known weight. Each division on the scale corresponds to an indentation of 1/20mm in the cornea.

Yz-30.jpg (3626 bytes)YZ 30 Applanation Tonometer

This instrument is designed according to the principle of GOLDmanm Applanation Tonometer. It tests the eye pressure through testing certain corneal area(Diameter is 3.06mm) flatted by the testing head. Magnify 10x with the slit lamp to precisely measure the diameter of the flatted area. It is of high precision and the average error is less than 0.5mmHg. Eyepressure reads out directly in mmHg.

Range of measurement: 0-80mmHg
Light ring displacement: 1.53 x 2=3.06mm
Diameter of the testing head: 7mm

Ophthalmic Trial Lens Set  

90 pcs

Major Feature:
The 38mm glass lenses are mounted on metal rims, with red rims for concave lenses and black rims for convex lenses for easy discrimination. Lens powers are imprinted on both sides of the handles to make it simple to find the one you need.


Spheres: 17 pairs each of concave and convex

Cylinders: 8 pairs for concave

Accessories: 7 pieces

158 pcs

Major Feature
Lens powers be carved on both sides of the handles to make it simple locate the one you need. Moreover, spherical lenses are mounted in a chrome rim while cylindrical lenses are in nickel rims.


Spheres: 25 pairs each of concave and convex

Cylinders: 11 pairs each of conave and convex

Prisms: 8 pieces

Accessories: 6 pieces

232 pcs

Major Feature

The lenses are 25mm in diameter and are mounted in high impact plastic or aluminum rims. Lens powers are clearly imprinted on each lens rim. Convex and concave lenses are color coded so it's easy to see even in low light conditions.
-black for the plus;
-white for the prisms and accessories.


Spheres: 34 pairs each of concave and convex

Cylinders: 19 pairs each of concave and convex

Accessories: 10 pieces

260 pcs

Major Feature

Full-aperture trial lens of high quality
260 pcs in leather/aluminum case
Large composition
Lens powers be carved on both sides of the handles to make it simple locate the one you need. Moreover, spherical lenses are mounted in a chrome rim while cylindrical lenses are in nickel rims.


Spheres: 39 pairs each of concave and convex

0.25D to 6.00D in 0.25 steps
6.50D to 10.00D in 0.50 steps
11.00D to 14.00D in 1.00 steps
16.00D to 20.00D in 2.00 steps

Cylinders: 20 pairs each of concave and convex

0.25D to 4.00D in 0.25 steps
4.50D to 6.00D in 0.50 steps

Prisms: 14 pieces

0.5(2) 1.0(2) 2.0(2) 3.0(2) 4.0(2) 5.0 6.0 8.0 10.0

Accessories: 10 pieces

Maddox, Cross line, Pin hole (2), Slit, Occluder, Red filter lens, Green filter lens, Crosscylinder, Plano lens

Trial Frame


P.D. is adjustable from 54mm to 70mm

Axis of astigmatism

One touch adjustment on nose pad

Easy slide-on temples

Temple with spring hinge

Available in angle and length

Accommodate up to four 38mm trial lenses

Light 47g,


Material: light-weight metal/plastic

holds 8 trial lenses

Lens holder with a diameter of 38 mm

Fully adjustable temple length and nose rest

Easily changeable cylinder axis

Wide range of PD adjustments from 48mm - 80mm

Net weight : 70g

Auto refractometer Model AR9000  


Diopter of spherical lens-20+18D 0.12D;
Diopter of cylindrical lens
Axis degree
Interpupillary distancemax.84mm(1mm)
7"  Vertical Monitor
Store data of two eyes separately
Print value of Diopter of spherical lens, Diopter of cylindrical lens, Axis degree, interpupillary distance, etc total 7 kinds.

Electric Table


Desk surface dimension:380580mm

Maximum up-down movement: 180mm

Maximum height: 830mm

Minimum height: 650mm

Maximum loading capacity: 50kg