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1. X-ray Machine   Model:     

2. Other X-ray Units and Accessories   Description:      

3. Ultrasound scanners   Model:   

4. ECG Machines  Model:     

5. Patient Monitors      Model: 

6. Ophthalmic equipments       Model:  

7. Dental Equipments   Model:     

8. Infant incubators   Model:   

9. Electrosurgery Unit      Model: 

10. Surgical microscopes and colposcopes     Model: 

11. Endoscope      Model: 

12. Electric suction machines  Model:     

13.Ventilator and Anesthesia machine    Model:     

14.Operating Tables   Model:     

15.Shadowless Lamps   Model:     

16.Basic Hospital Equipments   Description:     

17.Other Hospital Equipment   Description:      

18.Therapy Machines     Model:        

19.Autoclaves and Sterilizers   Model:     

20.Health Scales   Model:     

21.Massager and Health Builder     Model:           

22. Pathological Equipments     Model:        

23.Microscopes     Model:     

24.Refractometer     Model:           

25.Centrifuges   Model:    

26.Laboratory Balances     Model:           

27. Spectrophotometers  Model: 

28. Educational Models of Plant and Human   Model: 


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