Fetal Monitor SFM-618B++

w      w    A large LCD screen with a high resolution factor and high luminance displays monitoring charts and data all in 5.7 inches LCD offers the same width as that of printout paper, respects the habits of doctors, avoids visual errors. The background in high resolution/luminance allows doctors to see the monitoring charts clearly even at night.

  w    Built-in thermo sensitive printer, with its printing speed for your adjustment.

  w    Modular structure facilitates functional expandability and scalability and twin function is optional.

  w    Portable design, small size, light weight (2.0kg only). Can be put onto the wall, or on the table.

w   Communication interface offered allows connection with the central monitoring station in the obstetrical department.

The probe head adopts America technology, and is made of multicrystal pieces. Wide beam fetus heart probe head provides a low emission of ultrasonic wave, high sensitive and safe in use. Probe head off location alarming and abnormal status alarming. The up and low limits for alarming programmable.

Fetus monitoring (portable deluxe type) Model SFM618H


  l Adopts 10 inches TPT large screen color LCD, offers bright colors and clear images.

  l  Small size, light weight, easy to carry.

  l  Shortcut key and flying shuttle key design, easy to use.

  l   Industrial PC machine platform, reliable and stable performance; endued with a powerful function for management of case histories, able to store information and replay charts.

  l   An interface built in for connection with printer allows your connection with a printer.

  l   A built-in communication interface, which can be used independently or connected with the central station.


Mother/fetus monitoring device (portable type) Model SFM618K


  l         Adopts 10 inches TFT large screen color LCD, offers bright colors and clear images.

  l         Industrial PC platform, powerful control function of case history, able to store in formation and replay the monitoring harts.

  l         Chinese & English interfaces offered, shortcut key and flying shuttle key design, easy to operate.

  l         Small size, light weight, easy to carry.

  l         An interface offered to connect with a printer allows printout.

  l         Built-in communication interface allows independent use or connection with the central station through networking.


SFM-1 is a lightweight, space-saving fetal monitor. The external and internal monitoring parameters ensure it can be used up to and during the second stage labor.

It also can be connected to the obstetrical central station to construct central monitoring system.



Lightweight, space-saving, easy operation either lying on the table or hanging on the wall 
Nine wafers side band impulse probe: detect accurately, reduce false signal, accurate and continuous perfect FHR traces 
Basic functions: FHR, TOCO, fetal movement, twins monitoring and automatic channel recognition

Directly ECG and IUP monitoring (Cadence Pro)

Built-in Obstetrical Central Station network interface
Wide range of applying voltage (100250V), adapted to all regions

Insight software for data recording, analysizing and displaying on a standard PC


Working mode: pulsed Doppler.

Transmitting frequency: 2.0MHz 10%.

Strength: <10mW/cm2.

Measurement range: 50210 bpm.


TOCO probe Measurement range: 0100 unit .

Fetal movement marking

Manual marking or automatically marking (optional) when fetus moves.

Time and alarming
Counting time automatically.
Automatically alarming by sound and light.


Recording method: thermal printer record curves and characters synchronously.
Record width:     112mm
Record range:     FHR:  50
Pressure: 0
Paper advancing speed:     1, 2 or 3 cm/min.

Size and Weight

Size          330270100 mm3  

Weight        3.4kg



Cadence Basic

FHR, TOCO, Fetal Movement, Thermal trace recorder

Cadence Duel

Twins monitoring, TOCO, Fetal Movement, Thermal trace recorder

Cadence Pro

FHR, TOCO, Automatic distinguish Fetal Movement, Directly ECG and IUP, Thermal trace recorder