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Our  product range covering:

A. Hospital Equipment and Supplies

1. X-Ray Equipment&Supply
2. Ultrasound Scanner
3. ECG Machine
4. Patient Monitor
5. Pulse Oximetry & NIBP
6. Fetal Monitor
7. Doppler detector
8. Infant incubator/warmer

9. Ventilator & Anesthetic Machine
10.Surgical Microscope
12.Electrosurgical Generator
13.Operating Table
14.Shadowless Light

15.Suction Unit
16.Micro infusion pump/syringe pump

17.Oxygen Inhaler & Nebulizer
18.Autoclave & Sterilizer
19.Blood refrigerator

20.Ophthalmic Equipment
21.Dental Equipment

22.Basic diagnosis tools
23.Health/Weighing Scales


B. Laboratory Equipment and Supplies

1. Biochemical diagnosis equipments
2. Other Optical Analyzing  Equipments

3. Microscope

4. Pathological Equipments

5. Laboratory Balance

6. Basic Laboratory equipments

7. Electrochemical meters