Micro Infusion Pump Model SL-2000P

The pump is collocated with automatic emending software, and its related parameter can be stored in the infusion pump permanently with emending the software.


Nurse call bell system    Double-CPU system    Ultrasonic air bubble exploration


Presetting scope of infusion speed1-1000ml/h
Presetting scope of infusion amount
Indication range of infusion

Velocity of flow of KVO: 3ml/h
Alarm: Pipe air bubble, pipe block, door-opening, infusion completed, battery undervoltage
Power supply
AC220V/50HZExternal accumulator:DC11-15V
Internal battery
: chargeable Ni-Cd battery DC12V, work 2 hours after completely charging 15 hours.
Power consumption:15VA 

External dimension
Security classification
: Type 1 and BF with internal power supply.
1 operation instruction, 1 power line, 2 fuses

Micro Infusion Pump Model MP5800


- Ambient temperature: 5 - 40

- Power supply: AC 220V 50Hz or DC 12V

- Power consumption: not more than 40 VA

- Infused display volume: 1-9999ml

- Flow option: 1-1000ml/h

- Infusion limitation option: 1-9999ml/h

- Infusion accuracy: 1-1000ml/h ± 10% (with ordinary infusion set) ± 5% (with appointed infusion set)

- The alarm function of "infusion completion", "bubble", "occlusion", "open door" and "low battery" indicator

- The speed of venous open (KVO) while "completion" and "bubble" alarm

- The automatic rechargeable battery can supply more than 4 hours' operation continuously while the AC power is off

Dimension L × B × H : 190×125×250 mm  

Weight: 4.25kg



Model MSP-50C2


Automatically “recognizes” the syringes size.

Total volume indicator.

Regulating the flowe rate conveniently.

Lock the flow rate for preventing accident.

Fast-injection control.

Mains and battery indicators.

Audio and visual alarms.                                         


Plunger disengaged.

Two channels with two speed controllers.


Deviation from set speed required to activate alarm and stop infusion: 2%

Infusion volume: 0.1ml/h-99.9ml/h (in 0.1 ml/h steps)

Fast injection: 200ml/h (50ml syringe), 140ml/h (20ml syringe)       

Alarms indicate mains cut, nearly empty. Injector end, overload, low battery

Power supply: AC220±10% 50Hz

DC12V automobile battery

Internal battery gives 3 hours
(WZ 2 hours) continuous service after 15-hours recharged.

1 channel 265(L) X 130(H) X 120(D)(mm)

2 channels 288(L) X 188(H) X 118(D)(mm)

4 channels 399(L) X 222(H) X 138(D)(mm)

Net weight: 1 channel 2.1kg

                 2 channels 3.4kg

                 4 channels 6.2kg          


- Continuous micro-infusion in the ICU and CCU.

- Maintenance therapy micro-infusion and blood transfusion in premature infants and neonates.                                  

- Injection of hormones.

- Continuous injection of anesthetics.

- Injection of oxytocics.

- Injection of antitumor drugs.

- Injection of anticoagulants during dialysis and extracorporeal blood  circulation.                                             

Model MSP-50C

Model MSP-50F2

Model MSP-50S